What is the Equinosis Lameness Locator®?

Field-based lameness measurement that is precise and accurate to less than 1 millimeter at 100 meters, helps us definitively measure what the eye attempts to perceive and aides in:

  • Evaluating mild or multiple limb lameness

  • Determining effectiveness of diagnostic nerve and joint blocks

  • Gauging effectiveness of therapeutics

  • Monitoring rehabilitation progress

  • Assessing asymmetry in pre-purchase evaluations

Three small sensors are placed on your horse: one on the head (attached to the halter), one on the right pastern (attached with a neoprene wrap) and one on the pelvis (attached with Velcro).
The horse is then trotted in a straight line and lunged at the trot to the left and right. The sensors transmit data to a tablet for analysis and reporting. The entire exam takes approximately 20 minutes.

Comfort and performance are integral to you and your horse’s happiness – regardless of riding level.

The EL2 is directly helpful in implementing early horse shoeing changes, initiating broad therapies to avoid joint injections, and analyzing detailed gait patterns to predict breakdown. In about 20 minutes, we record your horse's symmetry with 3 small sensors that transmit data to a tablet programmed with advanced algorithms developed and maintained by the University of Missouri.

A Note From Dr. Joyce:

Disappointment in your horse's abilities and performance is not related to its level of competition. Disappointment is the same whether your horse is uncomfortable for a long trail ride or unable to win jumping 4* FEI at 5'. We want to make and keep your horse comfortable at EVERY level. And some simple, relatively inexpensive technologies can help us aid and preserve your horse better than we have done in the past with just the naked eye. 

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