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A desire to change the approach to equine veterinary care and to focus on “total care” that combined excellence in medical care with customer service led Dr. Jay Joyce and his wife, Paula, to found TEVA in September 2010. Their total care philosophy is reflected in the practice’s name, Total Equine.

The need for a total care approach to equine veterinary medicine became apparent to TEVA’s founder and owner, Dr. Joyce, during his 7 years working at Blue Ridge Veterinary Associates in Purcellville, Virginia, a thriving mixed animal veterinary practice. Dr. Joyce sensed that the equine portion of the practice, while not Blue Ridge’s focus, was primed for growth. He envisioned his own practice that brought new levels of excellence, using the latest technology and techniques, education, and novel service bundles based on equine use and needs. In September 2010, Dr. Joyce purchased the Blue Ridge Veterinary Associates equine practice and formed TEVA.

Through the years, TEVA has expanded its focus from the typical general and responsive approach to include resources to encourage the prevention and preservation of health and soundness. The practice still handles plenty of emergencies, but it realizes that a proactive program that carefully plans and maintains the long-term serviceability of an equine is not only beneficial to the animal but also to its owners and riders. TEVA is committed to this healthy bond.

2014 was a monumental year for the TEVA team. First, it moved its headquarters from a small space in Leesburg to a dedicated building on the Morven Park International Equestrian Center grounds. This move eased accessibility woes for clients picking up prescriptions and supplies and put the practice front and center to the Morven Park Equestrian Center’s many events and competitions. It is common for TEVA to be the official veterinarian at these events, treating not only local equine athletes but also those traveling to the county.

The second noteworthy event in 2014, was the addition of the esteemed Dr. Sallie Hyman, a senior veterinarian with international experience, to TEVA. Dr. Hyman had worked independently within Loudoun County for several years prior, but found the TEVA approach too enticing to pass up. Her joining the practice expanded its service offerings as Dr. Hyman is certified in both internal medicine and equine acupuncture.

With Dr. Hyman adding significant business volume during 2015, 2016 was met with the addition of an office manager to the TEVA team and additional cutting-edge equine therapy equipment to keep the practice moving forward and continue leading the region in mobile veterinary technology. Additionally, Total Equine Veterinary Associates was named the 2016 Small Business of the Year for the Rural/Tourism category by the Loudoun County Chamber of Commerce. TEVA welcomed Dr. Elizabeth Coppelman in May 2018 and Dr. Gabrielle Care in February 2022 to the practice. The practice continues to expand its offerings and grow its family of local equestrian clients.

In summary, TEVA was conceived to take on-farm equine veterinary care to the next level. By combining innovative technology and medical techniques with a genuine belief in improving the customer experience, TEVA has redefined what is expected by the regional equine community. Recognizing that today's horse owners are smart, connected, and expect to be an integral part of their horse's care continues to provide a significant number of referrals and a generous amount of word-of-mouth support, allowing TEVA to emerge as a regional leader and example of a changing care program. Dr. Jay Joyce remains humble when reflecting on the evolution of Total Equine, “It’s easy to do what we love and what we believe. We are thankful to have the support of a great equine community.”

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"I just want to thank everyone at Total Equine Vets for taking care of my girl. I always know she's receiving excellent care!" - AC

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