Our Philosophy

Our practice philosophy rests on the cornerstones of preventive care, education, a "total health" approach, and commitment to excellence.

Preventive Care

We pride ourselves on providing excellent care of your equine family members for a long time. It is more sensible to PREVENT pain, injuries, illness, and lameness as much as possible throughout a horse's life. From a financial standpoint, it's also more cost-effective to keep your horse healthy, happy, and sound, than it is to react to an issue that needs to be resolved.


We are committed to providing top quality opportunities for educating our local equestrian community: children and adults; riders, trainers, breeders, and barn managers; enthusiasts and owners. Through educational seminars on client-selected topics, summer camp programs, barn clinics, equestrian organization presentations, publishing of timely news, maintaining a database of equine care articles, and our sponsorship of other educational opportunities such as the Loudoun County Fair and the Rutledge Farm Sessions, we show our dedication to this critical cornerstone of our practice. Our commitment to education goes further than just equestrians, we also volunteer countless hours to mentoring NOVA vet tech students and high school students interested in equine and veterinary medicine.

Our dedication to education doesn't end there. Internally, the TEVA medical team continues to educate themselves on best practices, latest technology, recent scientific research, experimental therapies, and more while the administrative team strives to consistently improve the client experience through participating in a variety of classes and training opportunities on best practices of customer service and client account security, ever-changing software protocols, telemedicine triage, and laboratory regulations and recommendations. For us to effectively present the best to our clients, we must be the best versions of ourselves first.

Total Health Approach

What is a total health approach? Total Equine Veterinary Associates was founded on the concept that successful care of a horse, including preventive care, maintenance of chronic illness, and acute treatment of injury is an extremely complex and highly cooperative effort among the owner, the lessee, the rider, the farrier, the groom, the trainer, the transporter, veterinary specialists, and the attending veterinarian. Every horse has a team of people who want what's best, but everyone doesn't always agree what that path may look like. Our "Total Health" approach to horse care takes in to consideration all factors of a treatment situation: client budget, trainer's schedule, rider's discipline, prognosis to return full health, and maintenance care. It's our priority to serve the health and medical needs of the horse, while considering the total health approach of all parties involved with the horse's care plan.

Commitment to Excellence

Quite simply, we're committed to excellence. Excellence in everything we do, and everything we are. We learn. We progress. We grow. We become the best that we can be so we can continue to do the work that we love in a community where our roots run deep. Our commitment to quality equine and client care grows stronger by the minute.

Our Values

At Total Equine, our vision drives who we are and exemplifies our commitment to our clients and patients. We understand that each of our equine patients has a unique set of needs for customized medical care and maintenance. Long-term relationships with our clients and patients are a TEVA hallmark that would not be possible without our keen focus on these important values:

Integrity: The foundation on which we build trust and relationships; We will always be honest, while doing what is best for our patients and clients. Our decisions are based on sound medical and business ethics. Our goal is to always do what we say and say what we do, while providing prompt service and effective communication.

Compassion: The ability to appreciate others' perspectives and situations; Our medical team and administrative staff could not be successful in their day-to-day roles without being genuinely concerned about our clients' and patients' immediate and long-term needs. We are deeply aware of the degree of compassion, sympathy, and empathy our clients deserve, demand, and receive during all encounters with our business. Our goal is to always be kind, caring, and compassionate in our approach to every situation we encounter in the field and in the office.

Professionalism: The concept of respectful behaviors and attitudes; We have years of professional service behind us and a multitude of advanced education degrees among us. Our extremely skilled and exceptionally educated team always shows consideration and respect for each other, our family of clients, and our network of fellow equestrians and affiliate businesses. We're committed to keeping our word and we're intensely loyal to our clients. Our goal is to always exceed the expectations of our peers and our clients and to remain experts in our fields.

Dedication: The willingness to do whatever it takes to get the job done; We are committed to consistently delivering exceptional quality on-farm equine care. Our veterinary team works endless overnight hours, weekends, and on-call emergency rotations to ensure your horse has the most advanced technology and best medical care available. From colic emergencies in sleet and snow to overnight foals or weekend show injuries, our veterinary team is a simple call away. Our clients in good standing never pay emergency fees either. We understand horses can't tell time, and if they're sick or injured outside of office hours, there's no reason for our valued clients to have to pay additional fees. Our goal is for every client we see to feel we are 100% dedicated to providing the best care possible for their horse.

Our Mission

Our mission is simple.... keep horses Healthy for Life.

From Our TEVA Family:

"The farrier was just here and did the reverse shoes. He said it was a pleasure to speak to Dr. Joyce and he was very impressed. He also said it's been a while since he was truly impressed by a vet! Crescent and I have certainly been impressed and thankful for the care and communication we have received!" - SJ

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