Keep Horses Healthy for Life

by Jay Joyce, DVM, Equinosis Certified Practitioner | Total Equine Veterinary Associates

Keeping your horse comfortable is universal to every rider. Whether you trail ride, foxhunt, or jump big, you and your horse will benefit from EL2 computerized analysis of your horse’s gait. Total Equine veterinarian Dr. Jay Joyce comments, “This is genuinely the best money you can spend on your horse."

Every ridden horse will benefit from a baseline soundness evaluation.

Everyone agrees that baseline blood work in human and animal medicine is helpful, but an objective SOUNDNESS measurement is much more relevant to horse, rider, and vet. The medical team at Total Equine Veterinary Associates is excited to establish soundness baselines, and continue monitoring your horse throughout the years with this highly accurate system – the Equinosis Q Lameness Locator, also known as “EL2.”


Comfort and performance are integral to you and your horse’s happiness – regardless of riding level.

The EL2 is directly helpful in implementing early horse shoeing changes, initiating broad therapies to avoid joint injections, and analyzing detailed gait patterns to predict breakdown. In about 20 minutes, we record your horse's symmetry with 3 small sensors that transmit data to a tablet programmed with advanced algorithms developed and maintained by the University of Missouri.

After a baseline is established, eventually, when something changes, or you feel that "something isn't right" under saddle, we can focus on the change, and not spend extra time and money exploring a pre-existing asymmetry that was not previously clinically relevant. By focusing on what has changed and the degree of change from the baseline results, we can provide a more cost effective plan, accurate diagnosis, and focused treatment for your horse.

TEVA uses the EL2 in 2 ways:

1. Baseline Evaluations:

This analysis and consultation is extremely beneficial because we will analyze your horse when it is sound for what you are doing today. The results will be maintained in our patient records and used as comparison when your horse is no longer sound for whatever reason.

2. Lameness Exams:

As part of nearly every lameness workup, we use the EL2 to augment our evaluations. We have been doing this for years.

We want to keep your horse healthy for life, which includes keeping your horse sound as much as possible. We want to reduce the overall impact of lameness when lameness emerges. This keeps you in the saddle longer and promotes improved wellness and comfort for your horse.

One of TEVA's goals is the prevention of lameness and early recognition of issues before they become real problems. This cutting-edge device keeps TEVA vets ahead of your horse's troubles -- saving you money and saving your horse from potentially preventable pain and injury.

Let's get your horse scheduled for an EL2 evaluation!

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