As 2021 started in the mud for Total Equine Veterinary Associates, when a mare—Ella—was stuck up to her elbows in mud with about 1 to 3 feet of mud all around her. Ella was cold, tired, and shivering. Dr. Jay Joyce was a part of Ella’s extraction group along with B285 from Point of Rocks and Chief 14. It took the team a while to find Ella's left front leg as it extended straight down, so they had to dig it out to release the suction before pulling too hard. Overall, it took less than two hours of rescue efforts and approximately three hours of being down before Ella was standing. When Ella was down and after she was standing the team vigorously rubbed her down with straw and hay to dry her off and warm her up, which she seemed to enjoy. It was the quick response and coordinated effort from everyone that directly contributed to Ella’s safe outcome.

Carroll Manor Fire Co. 14/28 quoted, “To mark the first call of the year for CMFC, it was a service call to assist a property owner with a horse in a muddy situation. B285 from Point of Rocks and Chief 14 responded. Upon arrival, farm and horse owners Directed crews to the horse's location. Crews were able to obtain a horse glide from a local horse venue and under the direction of an on-scene vet were able to safely move the horse to drier ground where under its own power was able to stand up and shortly began grazing as if nothing Happened.”

Dr. Joyce stated, “It makes sense to get a vet on site, and I've been fortunate enough to be a part of quite a few rescues in the last 18 years. TEVA has an emergency trailer and rig with sleds, winch, webbed straps, and ropes. We can help -- and not just our clients -- but any down horse in the area if we can. We don't have to be your regular vet; we just want to help your vet with our specialized equipment.”

Ella’s owner was kind enough to say, “THIS is just another example of why Ella & I love her vet! Dr. Jay Joyce and Total Equine Veterinary Associates are amazing. The fact that he did not charge anyone for this emergency and is instead suggesting anyone who feels inclined to make a donation to their local fire department in support of large animal rescue training is just another example of his kindness & compassion.”

Everyone who assisted gave selflessly. Donations to your local Fire Department, and the Little Fork Volunteer Fire & Rescue, are essential for large animal training and equipment to allow for these rescues. Please consider making a donation with specific intent for equine rescue training if you are able.

Well done to both groups who assisted at each case. It really does take a team effort for every horse rescue.

Ella the Horse gets assistance from mud
Ella the Horse gets assistance from mud
Ella the Horse gets assistance from mud
Ella the Horse gets assistance from mud
Ella the Horse gets assistance from mud
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