Total Equine Veterinary Associates (TEVA) remains the regional leader in equine care, sports medicine, and rehabilitative veterinary medicine. To this extent, in 2017 we added an equine ambulance service to our practice.

Emergency Transport, Local Taxi, and Event Coverage

Our well-equipped ambulance provides necessary resources for a variety of emergencies, including:

  • Emergency transport of your horse to a local hospital
  • Pre-planned, non-emergency transport within the region
  • Event coverage for horse shows and competitions
Safety is Paramount and Emergency Preparedness is Critical

For horse show and event organizers, competitors, and participants, ensuring on-site availability to triage and transport injured horses is mandatory. It is no longer acceptable to simply provide a standard horse trailer for potential emergencies. Moving forward, any Emergency Plan must include trailers of this caliber or else organizers face significant liability.

Truck & Trailer Uniquely Equipped to Serve Horse Shows & Events

The rescue glide and associated equipment, installed winch, Kimzey aluminum splint, and rear and side load ramps make this trailer an easy choice to serve every horse show or emergency need.

Featured Equipment:
  • 125 Gallon Potable Water Tank with Pump and 25’ Hose - installed in the truck bed, for when a potable cooling water source is not immediately available
  • 3100 Watt Portable Inverter Generator with Remote Start - included with the truck, and portable for those times when you may need power
  • Equine Rescue Sled and Installed 4,500 lb. Winch - for the transport of recombinant horses or deceased patients
  • Padded Head Safety Bumper - for neurological/unstable horses or those secured to the sled
  • Kimzey Aluminum Split with Additional Upper Limb Extension - for quick stabilization of severely injured limbs
  • Indoor and Outdoor Lights - for after-hours work
  • Privacy Screening - keeping emergencies private is best for all involved
  • Rear and Side Loading Ramps - for loading/unloading injured horses without turning them or loading them backwards
  • Two Spare Trailer Tires, plus a Truck Spare - for the worst days
  • Multiple Break Away Clips - for tying in and around the trailer
  • Bandage Materials Kit* - assortment of leg wraps and bandage materials (several padded leg wraps, elastikon, vet wrap, wound bandaging materials, rolled brown gauze)
  • First Aid Kit* - for quick access to the most commonly needed materials to treat wounds and injuries

* Use of items in First Aid Kit or Bandage Materials Kit will incur “per item” replacement charges.

TEVA Ambulance Options

TEVA's ambulance isn't just for horse shows. It serves the community for both medical and routine transport. Medical transport includes urgent and emergency transport to an equine hospital and local transport of sick and injured patients to a rehab facility, boarding barn, or home farm.

Ambulance Event Coverage with One or Two Operators

Discounted multi-day rates and multi-year contracts are available.

Emergency Transport Ambulance

Limited availability at our discretion.

One of our staff may be employed to dispatch to your location to assist in the loading and movement of your horse to a local hospital.

The rate for this service is $500/hour (all-inclusive) from the time the trailer is hitched until the time the trailer is returned and unhitched at our Leesburg, Virginia office.

Local Taxi Transport

Available for pre-planned, non-emergency transport.

Billed per trip, based on day, time, distance and other factors.

Available 24/7/365

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