The Unexpected
Injury and illness

Despite your best efforts, there will come a time when your horse has an accident, injury, or illness. Unexpected medical situations can vary widely, from minor skin issues to career-or life-ending injuries. While these situations will certainly impact his health and may require long-term rehabilitation or care, today’s technology provides him with recovery opportunities considered impossible in the past.

Regardless of the situation, your horse’s recovery chances improve with your response time. In some situations, swift action may mean the difference between a positive outcome or not. Medical intervention at the earliest stage possible will lay out a road for his recovery using focused and appropriate treatments, therapy protocols, and medications.

If Your Horse Needs Emergency Assistance - CALL OUR OFFICE! 703-505-2320

While you may have a direct number for one of our veterinarians, in an emergency situation it is faster and more important to call our office for immediate assistance. We know where our doctors are, who is closest to you, and who can best handle your emergency. Doctors are with patients, all day, every day, and can't always take your call or read your text! Our office staff is highly trained to help triage your emergency and dispatch our veterinarians to you.

During Regular Office Hours, Monday through Friday, 8:00 am - 4:30 pm:

Our staff will answer your phone call, gather information, and direct the nearest TEVA veterinarian to either call you or come immediately.

Please be prepared with as much information as possible when you call:

  • Horse's temperature
  • Color of mucous membranes
  • Respiratory rate
  • Length of time symptoms have been ongoing
  • Name, amounts, and times of any medications administered by you or barn management
  • GPS address and location of your horse (Please don't presume we remember where to go!)
  • Emergency phone numbers for other parties involved

After Hours and Weekends

You will be directed to call our answering service where you will speak to a person who will then contact an on-call veterinarian about your needs. In the rare instance that a TEVA veterinarian is unavailable, TEVA shares emergency duty with 2 other local equine veterinarians. We have trust and confidence that they will attend to your horse's needs in a thorough, professional manner. While TEVA clients with accounts in good standing are not charged emergency fees when seen by TEVA vets, please remember that non-TEVA vets do charge emergency fees. We cannot regulate their policies.

TEVA Ambulance

TEVA's ambulance serves the horse show and event circuit, it also serves community for both medical and routine transport. Medical transport includes urgent and emergency transport to an equine hospital and local transport of sick and injured patients to a rehab facility, boarding barn, or home farm.

Read more about our Ambulance service.

No Emergency Fees for TEVA Clients When Seen by TEVA vets!

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