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Events that impact TEVA ultimately impact you and your horses. We pride ourselves on the importance we place on educating and informing you while delivering superior vet care and providing a customer experience that well exceeds your expectations.

In 2019, we did a lot together; and in 2020, we’ll do more.

2019 Highlights

Launched our NEW website!

And we changed our mailing address. The office and medication pick-up remain at Morven Park Equestrian Center but our new mailing address is: 14931 Largo Vista Drive, Haymarket, VA 20169

Added Claudia and Tori to our office staff. We have a new, full staff, and I’m proud of their great contributions to TEVA. Meet them here.

Dr. Coppelman's research on hock arthritis was published in a scientific journal.
Want to read more? Click here.

Dr. Hyman was interviewed for The Horse Show podcast by WiSP! She highlights her love of learning and her mission with Total Equine to bring the bring the best veterinary experience to the farm.
Check it out!

TEVA's FIRST Commercial

We had an opportunity and we took it. Check out our first ever TEVA commercial.

Watch it here.

Total Equine Veterinary Associates (TEVA) Commercial

Platinum Sponsorship with Rutledge Farm

Partnered again with Rutledge Farm as Platinum sponsor for Rutledge Farm Sessions Series. Their Olympic Medalist Clinics are designed to inspire and train aspiring athletes and reinforce TEVA's mission to educate riders - ultimately leading to safer and healthier horses.

Read about our special partnership.

Veteran Veterinarian:

Second year supporting BraveHearts 20-mile horseback ride thru DC raising awareness to bring an end veteran suicide. Learn about this historic ride.

Chosen Best Equine Vet (repeat winner) by Northern Virginia Magazine. See TEVA's resume and other awards here.

Upgraded our Shockwave system to remain the best available in the world. Read more about Shockwave Therapy.

Thousands of dollars and hundreds of service hours donated to local therapeutic riding groups.

Healthy for Life Educational Seminars continued to be popular —we had three throughout the year with 300+ total attendees. Our philosophy on education drives our daily work.

Personal Pride Project

As Barbados Team Vet, we made a solid run to the Pan Am Games with Barbados Eventing. Although we came up just short in our final qualifier in Bromont, Canada, we’re going to come back stronger in the next Olympic cycle. PARIS 2024!

All About Barbados

News by the Numbers:

Conducted 2,669 farms calls and 3,450 exams.
Increased acupuncture appointments by 45%.
Conducted 33% more EL2 Lameness Locator baseline evaluations.
Passed 103 naso-gastric stomach tubes, stitched 67 lacerations, cleaned 32 sheaths.
Injected 310 joints, processed 614 Coggins, and performed 30 on-farm gastroscopies.
Waived 250 emergency fees amounting to $43,750 saved by clients.
Also waived 209 same day urgent fees for another $12,540 saved by clients.
Gave more than $48,000 in discounts and returned $2,800 in referral cash to clients.
Saved about 350 horses from death of colic, choke, or severe infection. (Just about one a day!)
We keep your horses healthy for life.

Navy beat Army!

What's Coming in 2020

TEVA was vetted and selected to join an exclusive equine business group in Fall 2019, and as a result of the group’s purchasing power, the cost of many of our products decreased. We are passing these savings onto you!

More Staff!
We will hire more administrative staff to ensure we can continue to provide the best customer service experience possible.

Searching for TEVA Vet #4!
We’ll seek a well-seasoned vet with specialization in lameness, dentistry, and emergency services. And they’ll be just as personable, talented and professional as our existing team. Guaranteed!

New Marketing Focus!
Look for an educational marketing campaign more focused on your horse’s health and the addition of more timely, relevant veterinary medicine topics.

More Eastern and Holistic Medicine!
We’ll begin to more emphasize Drs. Hyman and Coppelman’s broad and deep experience in acupuncture, holistic medicine, and use of herbs and Eastern products to better round out your horse’s treatments. Some of these medicines are already available in our online store.

Learn, Learn, and Learn Some More!
Lots of continuing education for our vets and staff. We like learning just as much as you. Look for our continuing education summaries as we pass along the latest in medical developments and customer service options.

Infrastructure improvements! Look for more automation of our processes, billing, and scheduling, as well as appointment reminders by text, an app to review your horse’s records, and the addition of Stripe for easy payments.

Like previous updates, we want to express that we consider you an integral part of our endeavors and appreciate your continued and candid feedback. We strive to make improvements on every level that will continue to better your horse’s health and your customer experience.

We are here for you; and we sincerely appreciate your continued support, trust, and confidence.

Thank you,
Dr. Jay Joyce

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