To TEVA Vets, Horses, and Fellow Equestrians Time is Precious

While many may not realize it, the work days for our veterinarians start well before they arrive at their first appointment. Trucks are stocked, medical records are reviewed, overnight and before/after hours emergency cases are updated, traffic congestion alerts are read...

Their daily schedules are full, without a break for breakfast, lunch, or supper, without scheduled stops along their route for restrooms, without a known "end" time to their days. But off they go, each morning, to do what they love - being horse doctors - keeping your horses healthy and treating the sick and injured.

In order to make the best, most efficient use of the doctors' time, the TEVA office staff keeps clients updated on doctors' arrival times. Everyone typically knows within a 15 minute range either way of when the TEVA truck will arrive. It is critical that you and your horse be ready for your appointment.

What does it mean to be READY?

  • Your horse should be haltered and in a stall or cross-ties (not still out in a field grazing)
  • Your horse should be unblanketed and relatively clean from mud and debris
  • The treatment area of the horse should be clean and prepared for treatment
  • You or your designated attendant/holder should be with the horse (not in the house or in another barn)

When you and your horse aren't ready, it makes appointments run longer than anticipated, and impacts the timeliness of the doctors' to arrive at their appointments that follow yours. In some cases, it could even delay the doctors' arrival to an emergency visit for a sick or injured horse.

Please remember to always be ready for your appointment. Your fellow equestrians, their horses, and our vets appreciate it!

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