Our commitment to deliver the best and most comprehensive patient care available to your horse is coupled with an administrative staff available to assist you with understanding our policies and facilitating payment of your veterinary services.

It is our policy that payment is due in full at or near the time services are rendered and invoiced. Payment can be made with cash, check, Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express, PayPal or CareCredit.

Clients must have the most current TEVA CLIENT INFORMATION SHEET (CIS) completed and on file before patient services can be scheduled and/or rendered. The CLIENT INFORMATION SHEET can be found online HERE.

Payments, Emergency Credit, Fees & Insurance

We believe that effective communication of fees and payment policy is vital to maintaining good working relationships. We encourage clients to ask for estimates of costs for all veterinary services prior to or at the time of the appointment. Routine services such as wellness visits may be reviewed and pre-purchased HERE.

Our Payment Options

All of our payment options require you to place and keep a valid credit card on file with us. Your selected payment option determines how and when your credit card on file is used. We offer the following options:

FULL AUTO: Your credit card is placed on file for auto-pay. Each invoice as incurred will be automatically charged in full to your credit card on file. You will receive an itemized invoice and a receipt simultaneously following your appointment.

$350 AUTO: Your credit card is placed on file for $350 auto-pay. Your credit card on file will be automatically charged UP TO $350 for each invoice as incurred, and every two weeks thereafter until the balance is paid. You will receive an itemized invoice and a receipt simultaneously following your initial appointment and a receipt for each subsequent payment on your account.

NON-AUTO: Your credit card is placed on file, but you choose whether to pay via cash, check, credit card, CareCredit or PayPal within two weeks of receiving your invoice. If you fail to provide payment within two weeks, your credit card on file will be charged for the full balance.


CareCredit offers a variety of credit options specifically for veterinary expenses. We urge clients to apply for CareCredit, regardless of credit score, to help ease potential financial burden. Please apply online at www.CareCredit.com.

Prescription Transmission Fee

If written prescription is provided at time of appointment, there is no prescription fee. Please understand there is an administrative and record keeping requirement beyond simply approving any prescription request. Clients who choose to have prescriptions fulfilled elsewhere will be charged $25 for transmitting prescriptions to third party vendors. Clients are welcome to request and pick up written prescriptions from the TEVA office at no charge.

Insured Horses

All invoices are due and payable upon receipt regardless of the status of any insurance claim(s). Insurance claims are the horse owner’s responsibility to submit. TEVA will complete and return insurance exams and claim forms as quickly as possible upon request (often for an approximate $40 fee). Clients are required to remit payment in full to TEVA upon receipt of TEVA’s invoice rather than delay payment until after receiving insurance reimbursement.

Authorization of Care, Financial Responsibility & Delinquent Accounts

TEVA requires clients to name Authorized Decision Makers on the CIS (Client Information Sheet). Authorized Decision Makers can only be named by the horse owner and/or lessee (with the written consent of the owner). Clients must complete a CIS prior to or at the appointment before we can provide veterinary services. If leaving town, clients are asked to email us travel dates and who is authorized to make decisions in the event of an emergency.

NOTE: Boarding agreements usually authorize farm/barn managers or trainers to make medical and financial decisions on your behalf. We recommend all clients fully understand their boarding agreements. When your farm/barn manager requests a service from TEVA on your behalf, you assume financial responsibility for this request.

Leases & Temporary Changes In Financial Responsibility

Special circumstances such as leases or temporary changes in horse ownership/financial responsibility for veterinary care require special arrangements with our office. Please contact us at 703.505.2320 to make arrangements before a lease or any other change in financial responsibility is scheduled to begin. If you fail to make TEVA aware of changes in financial liability, you will be responsible for all charges should the new financially responsible party fail to pay. To maintain the integrity and legality of medical records, we cannot make retroactive changes to financial responsibility.

Delinquent Accounts

In the event that an account becomes past due, we charge a monthly service fee of $10.00 minimum or 5% of the outstanding balance for balances older than 30 days. At 45 days past due, clients will be placed on EMERGENCY SERVICES ONLY status and any elective services must be veterinarian-approved and paid in advance. At 60 days past due, accounts are subject to collections and/or legal proceedings as well as discontinuation of all services from Total Equine Veterinary Associates. It is the client’s responsibility to pay the outstanding balance, late fees, interest charges, attorneys’ fees, and court costs associated with collections and/or legal proceedings. Returned checks incur a $45 service charge added to the outstanding balance.

NOTE: Delinquent accounts beyond 45 days without a TEVA-approved payment plan are not eligible for discounted products, courtesy discounts, multi-pet or trainer discounts, referral rewards or other client benefits including waived emergency and same day appointment fees.

Compounded Medication

TEVA occasionally uses compounded medications when FDA-approved formulations (example: liquid vs. pill) or ingredients have limited availability or become unavailable. Compounded medications have not undergone FDA testing to prove efficacy or safety. By giving us permission to treat your horse, you've agreed and understand this and also give permission to dispense and/or prescribe compounded medications to your horse.

Social Media/Photography Acknowledgement

Throughout the course of providing medical care for your horse, TEVA veterinarians and staff may take or be provided with photographs of your horse for purposes of care management. In the course of business, it is common practice to use such photographs for educational seminars, social media, website articles, and training purposes. As a TEVA client, you authorize us to use animal-only images, while retaining anonymity, for educational purposes without further consent. If you do not consent, please contact our office.

Total Equine Veterinary Associates reserves the right to change payment terms, pricing, and/or other policies any time without prior notice.

From Our TEVA Family:

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