One of TEVA's goals is to be accessible. We answer our own phones and we respond to text messages promptly during business hours. Outside of office hours, we have contracted with an emergency phone service that pages our veterinary team immediately when you call with an equine emergency.

Non-emergency requests for regular appointments, medical records, proof of vaccination, Coggins certificates, and more are all handled in the order they're received and as soon as possible during business hours. Please note, these requests are not emergencies. Please remember to gather your records (Coggins certificates and proof of vaccination) prior to shows and travel.

There are a variety of ways to contact us:

CALL: 703.505.2320

TEXT: 703.505.2320 (and send pics of injuries, progress, etc.)

Please note: Texts do not forward to on-call vets, only phone calls; in case of emergency, CALL!


For fastest service, please do not contact our veterinarians directly for appointments and emergencies.

While some of our clients have direct phone numbers for our veterinarians, all requests for appointments or emergency services should begin with the office. Our office team carefully monitors the current appointment schedule and location of our veterinary team, and can provide you with the most efficient and fastest response. Our doctors are rarely sitting idle waiting for a phone to ring, and if you're calling them directly, they are typically in the middle of treating client horses and are unable to answer your call or text.

Our office team is trained in triaging your emergency, and is equipped with the inside knowledge of schedules, locations, and the nearest veterinarian to your horse in need.

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From Our TEVA Family:

"I used TEVA for the PPE (which was very thorough), vaccinations, CVI and Coggins for the horse I recently purchased. Their customer service was amazing, and they worked very hard to ensure that I had the CVI and Coggins in time for my horse to ship down to NC yesterday (even though I wasn't already client of theirs). Since I live in NC, TEVA obviously cannot be my primary equine veterinary practice, but they would be if I lived in their coverage area!" - PP

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