Acupuncture is a minimally invasive form of traditional Eastern medicine performed to restore balance in the body to prevent and treat disease. It is a great complementary therapy offered by Drs. Sallie Hyman and Elizabeth Coppelman. Acupuncture is commonly used in horses for lameness, musculoskeletal pain, laminitis, navicular disease, gastrointestinal disease, immune support, allergies, and much more.

A specific acupuncture examination is performed before every session to determine an individualized treatment plan for each horse. Typically, three acupuncture sessions are initially prescribed to determine a horse's response to treatment.

Examples of using acupuncture in TEVA horses:

  • Acupuncture treatments during show season will help keep your horse in top performing shape by maintaining balance within the body.
  • Combining acupuncture with joint injections may increase time before the injection needs to be repeated because by keeping the entire body comfortable, horses use themselves correctly and need less overall medications. 
  • Horses with allergies that are at risk of long term steroid use (ponies, horses with Cushing's Disease, etc.) may benefit from acupuncture treatments and be able to decrease or stop the medication.
  • Horses with chronic pain such as osteoarthritis or laminitis may gain additional pain control with acupuncture without adding additional medications.

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