Education is a cornerstone of our practice, and we welcome opportunities to help educate and inspire area students. We participate in a variety of regional teaching programs each year.

TEVA was chosen from local equine practices based on experience, desire to educate, reputation, and outstanding clientele to participate with the Northern Virginia Community College (NOVA) Veterinary Technician School.

From time to time, our doctors may have student observers with them for your appointment. Rest assured, our commitment is to you, and students are observers only. They will not distract us from our duties. The NOVA program requires 24 hours of large animal veterinary experience toward eventual Virginia state licensure as a veterinary technician (LVT).

Many of these students have no horse experience and will stay in their familiar small animal vet clinic setting after graduation.  They have college-sponsored insurance and liability coverage, as does TEVA.  But again, they are only here to observe.

So if you see a student riding with us, please welcome them.  Know that they are not distracting us, that they will not be directly involved with the visit, and that they are very impressionable. Most of them will be hired by local small animal veterinary clinics, and you may be entrusting your dog or cat care to them sometime soon.

Total Equine Veterinary Associates often works with local high school and college students on school projects, internships and externships. To be considered for our ride-along, shadowing, or other educational-type program, please submit a resume and cover letter along with a description of your project or program.

From Our TEVA Family:

"No matter what and no matter why, they are there for us. I never wonder “what happens if” because the answer is to call TEVA and know that they will come help." - SD

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