Pasture and companion horses

He may not be a frequently ridden mount, but your “little-to-no” work horse’s health is still an ongoing  responsibility.  Despite his relaxed lifestyle, he’s susceptible to the same diseases as any other horse and has potentially more complicated dental issues. If his retired status is due to a previous injury or illness, he may have special needs that require regular medical attention.

Anticipated care:
  • Special needs care
  • Bi-annual checkups
  • Spring / Fall vaccinations
  • Dental care / extractions / radiographs
  • Deworming & FEC

From Our TEVA Family:

"Our horses are more like lawn ornaments, but just like any other horse, they still need routine care. My family trusts Total Equine Vets to make sure they are getting the vaccines they need, and anything else they need, when they need it. They keep track of everything and remind us when it's time to schedule." - PR

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