As we close the book on 2017, I wanted to take a moment to reflect on some of this past year's major events and forecast some happenings in 2018. As horse owners, we are all in this together -- and…
To TEVA Vets, Horses, and Fellow Equestrians Time is Precious: What does it mean to be ready? We need your new payment form on file and additional payment reminders.
Dr. Joyce named 5th worldwide Equinosis Certified Practitioner; TEVA offers sporthorse athletic wellness program for more than seven years.
April showers bring May flowers and a new TEVA vet!
Spring and Summer heat can be miserable for riders and horses alike. Most importantly, be smart - and remember, if you're hot - your horse is hotter!
Our Doctors' days rarely end when our administrative office closes at 6pm. Whether it's a midnight foal assist or a 4am colic emergency, TEVA vets follow their hearts and always put the needs of your…
Dr. Jay Joyce epitomizes this. Not a day goes by that doesn't involve some facet of equine medicine. From suturing wounds and lameness evaluations to education and community service, Dr. Joyce's life…
Dr. Elizabeth Coppelman has been practicing equine surgery and medicine since 2013. She grew up in Alexandria, Virginia and competed in the Northern Virginia hunter/jumper circuits.
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