And the Winner Is... Total Equine Veterinary Associates!

Earlier this fall we announced to the world that we'd been selected as a Loudoun County Chamber of Commerce Small Business of the Year finalist in the Tourism and Rural Business category. We were among fierce competition, being judged against the Leesburg Animal Park, North Gate Vineyard, and The Vineyards & Winery at Lost Creek and many other local businesses. On the evening of November 4, the Chamber of Commerce held its annual awards gala, and we were honored to have been named the winner!

Beyond the award, being recognized for operational excellence helps us strengthen our reputation in the regional business community which allows us to continue to grow our practice and deliver the best in equine veterinary medicine.

A Heartfelt Message from Dr. Jay Joyce:

Thank you for your remarkable support. And here is the rub... I did not prepare or expect to "have a public moment." I freaked out and was unprepared (obviously, I am more comfortable in front of you and your horse). I wish I could have a redo - and once I started tearing up I had to leave the stage with a curt "Thank you." The Loudoun County Chamber of Commerce and Tony, Bonnie Taylor at CCS Innovations, LLC, Middleburg Bank, Morven Park Equestrian Center, Shirley from Leesburg Animal Park (where everyone should visit and grow up), the TEVA Team - the incredible Dr. Sallie Hyman, Verna, Christie, Andrea, and Sandra and Gail, my parents - everyone who makes our endeavor and support of the whole horse experience possible.

We have a clientele of very well-educated and thoughtful owners who make horses and their health a priority. I am just the figurehead of a very impressive team and group of owners that strive to make their horse's lives better.

My kids (Jack and Ali) who put up with the countless after hours farm calls, hospital rounds, and missed school events. And Paula - my awesome wife - who has selflessly dedicated herself to this business and supported me with words, and thoughts, and work and love. Paula is the brains and I am the brawn. Her inspiration and insight move TEVA forward and I simply execute her plan. I am sorry that in my public moment on stage that I neglected to more recognize our great clientele who entrust their horse's life to us, and my wife for enabling me to serve our equine community in a truly "TOTAL" way.

Recognition of TEVA as Loudoun Small Business of the Year underscores and recognizes our genuine commitment to the well-being of your horse. "You horse's life is our life's work" never rang so true. Thank you!!

Dr. Jay Joyce

Loudoun County Chamber of Commerce used Facebook's Live Feed feature to stream the award presentations. Dr. Jay was a bit surprised by the win but honored to have Paula and Ali by his side.

Watch the award announcement here.

Our Small Business Award finalist video, shot at the beautiful Morven Park mansion - Dr. Jay Joyce provides an overview of Total Equine Veterinary Associates.

Watch here.

Being an SBA finalist has its perks! 

We were featured in the October 27th Loudoun County Chamber of Commerce 'Chamber Insider' online newsletter/blog.

Read about all about TEVA here.

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