To TEVA Vets, Horses, and Fellow Equestrians Time is Precious

While many may not realize it, the work days for Dr. Joyce and Dr. Hyman start well before they arrive at their first appointment. Trucks are stocked, medical records are reviewed, overnight and before/after hours emergency cases are updated, traffic congestion alerts are read...

Their daily schedules are full, without a break for breakfast, lunch, or supper, without scheduled stops along their route for restrooms, without a known "end" time to their days. But off they go, each morning, to do what they love - being horse doctors - keeping your horses healthy and treating the sick and injured.

In order to make the best, most efficient use of the doctors' time, the TEVA office staff keeps clients updated on doctors' arrival times. Everyone typically knows within a 15 minute range either way of when the TEVA truck will arrive. It is critical that you and your horse be ready for your appointment.

What does it mean to be READY?

  • Your horse should be haltered and in a stall or cross-ties (not still out in a field grazing)
  • Your horse should be unblanketed and relatively clean from mud and debris
  • The treatment area of the horse should be clean and prepared for treatment
  • You or your designated attendant/holder should be with the horse (not in the house or in another barn)

When you and your horse aren't ready, it makes appointments run longer than anticipated, and impacts the timeliness of the doctors' to arrive at their appointments that follow yours. In some cases, it could even delay the doctors' arrival to an emergency visit for a sick or injured horse.

Please remember to always be ready for your appointment. Your fellow equestrians, their horses, and our vets appreciate it!

Our 8th Annual Winter Seminar Series

With the new year comes new opportunities for TEVA to offer educational seminars for the local equestrian community. January's seminar on Regional Equine Diseases was well attended and received great reviews from participants. Come join us for a fun night out: learning from the experts, getting your questions answered, enjoying refreshments, and winning prizes!

There's no cost to attend but registration is requested for planning purposes. Likewise, if you register and later find out you cannot attend, please let us know so we may open up your seats to others!

Thursday, February 15th - Nutrition & Supplementation: From Beginning to End
Nutrition and supplementation: Young and growing, the middle years, the performer, and the senior. Dr. Sallie covers what you need to know to meet your horse's changing nutritional needs. <Registration Link Removed>

Thursday, March 8th - Ask the Pros: Vet, Farrier, and Surgeon... Oh My!

The night our seminar attendees get to lead the discussion... Bring your questions, we'll supply the experts and the answers! Anything goes during our third and final seminar for the Winter season. <Registration Link Removed>

Click. Print. Return. We need your new payment form on file!

We have updated our Total Equine Veterinary Associates Payment Policy along with our Client Information and Payment Authorization Form effective January 1, 2018. If you have not already done so, now's the time to download and submit your new completed Client Information and Payment Authorization form for our records prior to your first appointment in 2018. Download the new form here.

Some additional payment reminders:

Client benefits are something we hold dear to our hearts. We are the only equine practice in the area that waives emergency fees for current clients. In order to qualify for our client benefits, including the waiving of emergency fees (when seen by a TEVA vet), your account MUST be in good standing. That means you have a 2018 client information sheet on file, as well as a valid credit card with current expiration date. It also means that you either have an account balance less than 30 days old or a TEVA-APPROVED payment plan in place.

We are thankful for our loyal clients and always strive to extend exemplary customer service. We try to say "Thank you" as often as we can afford to through a variety of potential discounts. After much deliberation, we have decided to put discounts on hold for clients who have accounts more than 30 days past due. While we always appreciate your business and support, we just aren't in the banking business and can no longer afford to carry past due client balances indefinitely. We're happy to reinstate discounts once your account is current and regular payments keep it that way.

If your account has a past due balance older than 90 days, we reserve the right to suspend regular appointment services until it is brought current or a TEVA-APPROVED payment plan is in place. We want to provide the best care for your horses, but providing continued routine services and adding more money due to your account is detrimental and stressful for all parties involved.


TEVA SEMINAR: Nutrition & Supplementation: From Beginning to End
Thursday, February 15 - 6:45pm - 9:00pm | Morven Park Equestrian Center, Hofmann Classroom

TEVA SEMINAR: Vet, Farrier, & Surgeon, OH MY!
Thursday, March 8 - 6:45pm - 9:00pm | Morven Park Equestrian Center, Hofmann Classroom

Loudoun County 2018 Equine Expo
Tuesday, March 20 - 5:30pm - 8:30pm | Stone Tower Winery

Purchase Your Spring Wellness Visit Online and SAVE!
Purchasing products and services at our website saves you money! AND if you order both Spring & Fall Wellness packages together, or one of our total care packages you will receive 10% off your other services for that horse for the rest of 2018!

Cold Weather Riding
By Dr. Sallie Hyman
Winter is upon us and most of us still want to ride. For those of us not lucky enough to be able to spend the cold season in warmer parts of the country, here is some information on effects that cold weather riding has on your horse, and how to keep him healthy and safe despite the cold temperatures. Read the rest here.

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