An Important Update to our 2019 Fall Wellness Visit

As evidenced by last year’s long Summer and warm Fall, the threat of mosquito-borne diseases like West Nile and Eastern/Western Encephalitis is rising in the mid-Atlantic region. In anticipation of this increased risk, we are adding back these vaccines to our Fall program. This is a difficult decision as we don’t encourage over-vaccination, but our decision is in the best interest of keeping your horses healthy. With last season’s mosquito-caused horse illnesses and deaths around Loudoun County, we are legitimately concerned. Your horses always get these vaccines in the Spring; but it is the addition of these vaccines in the Fall that is new for 2019. We won’t make a decision about 2020 until the end of 2019.

Here’s what is included in our 2019 Fall Wellness Visit:

  • Physical Exam
  • Brief Oral Exam
  • Seasonal Counseling and Consultation
  • Nutritional Consultation
  • Fall Vaccines: Flu (influenza), Rhino (herpes), Potomac Horse Fever, West Nile Virus, and Eastern/Western Encephalitis
We Aim For The Top

Every year, the TEVA Vaccination Committee researches and purchases only the best vaccines available for your horse. This never-ending annual ritual ensures TEVA patients only receive the most protective vaccines available.

Not all vaccines are created equal. Although hundreds of vaccines are openly available on the market, many vaccines have lesser effectiveness, a shorter duration of immunity and cheaper cost. TEVA doesn't use these vaccines, but these vaccines are purchased by stores and other vets. These variables influence the price that horse owners pay for their vaccines, they may buy from a store and give by themselves, and those administered by regional vets.

For example, let’s review the West Nile Vaccine. There are versions that last only 6 months, and there are versions that last 12 months. There are versions that are guaranteed 100% protective and offer 100% reimbursement for treatment, and there are versions that are not. There are cheap ones and expensive ones. There are versions with independent university challenge testing, and there are versions that never test more than serum titers, "in house" testing, or in-lab petri-dish testing. These are big differences to consider and appreciate. Ultimately, although it's logical to believe that all West Nile Vaccines are interchangeable, THEY ARE NOT.

TEVA's Vaccination Committee takes the time each year to review this "always evolving" research and selects the most effective vaccines for your horse.

Comparing vaccines is not "apples-to-apples."

To pharmaceutical companies, making vaccines is their business. They are competing against each other in technology, protection, and cost.

Take a step back and look at TEVA: We strive to be top-shelf with everything we do because we want the best for your horse. Our staff, our experienced vets, our practice credentials, our trucks, our equipment, and our on-farm technology - we are trying to bring your horse the best of everything across the board. So, falling in line, our vaccinations and medicines are equally "top shelf."

"Top shelf" is just one way we keep your horse Healthy for Life.
The TEVA Philosophy

At TEVA, we have very thoughtfully and deliberately balanced affordability and quality care. “Fall Vaccines” that some other veterinarians are selling are sometimes offered at lower prices, but at the ultimate expense of vaccine quality, effectiveness, and reaction rate. Such “vaccine” appointments may also lack thorough exams, a dental check, and even basic temperatures and heart rates being noted.

Wellness visits versus vaccine appointments... The difference is in the details. TEVA delivers comprehensive wellness evaluations combined with education, compassion, and experience.

What’s the Difference Between Fall WELLNESS and Fall VACCINES?

The difference lies in the quality of service provided by the veterinarian. A “Fall Wellness” visit includes a physical exam, an oral exam, seasonal counseling and consultation, nutritional consultation, along with the administration of TEVA’s recommended fall vaccines. This seasonal wellness visit includes a candid discussion about you and your horse, with your TEVA veterinarian taking time to catch-up on all aspects of your horse’s well-being and to talk to you and/or your trainer about any concerns you may have.

Wellness visits play a critical role in our TEVA veterinary team providing the ultimate preventive care to keep your horse Healthy for Life.

Here's what one happy client has to say...

“I have been in the horse industry for 15 years; and I have seen quite a few veterinarians. Recently TEVA has opened my eyes to true excellence with their integrity, professionalism and client/patient care. I speak first-hand to the genuine nature of this vet practice. They put you and your horse above all – and their interest is genuine. Interesting, you would never know that they had several other appointments in the day – because when they are with you, they want you to believe that they have no other clients. They are not rushed and explain well. It is just you and your appointment.

I was offered a “no farm call fee carrot” a couple years ago from a different practice and I jumped on it. It seemed like a good deal. And that is all I got. I took unpaid time off from work. My goal was to speak to the vet about my horse and getting ready for spring training. When I started to ask questions, I felt shutdown and rushed. It was suggested that I call the office for an appointment. As a matter of fact, they used my personal check to fill in my name on their invoice.

So I guess I got what I paid for – spring vaccines and not a minute more. I learned the hard way that there is a difference between “spring vaccines” and “spring wellness.”

-- S.B. February 25

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