Dear Friends of TEVA,

Each year I try to keep everyone abreast of TEVA’s overall progress as I sincerely believe that we are all in this horse world together. I share your interest in the welfare and performance of your horses; and hope that keeping you engaged ensures our forward momentum never stops as we continue to serve your horses with cutting-edge veterinary care while delivering an education-slanted client experience.

I am proud of what we have built together in our common mission to do the best we can for our horses and keep them “Healthy For Life.” Therefore, as we start this New Year, I openly lay out some highlights of what we did last year, and a road map of where we're going in 2019 (coming in a second email!). Thank you for getting us here and keeping us going.

Part 1: Our 2018 Highlights


Welcome Dr. Coppelman!

An ex-professor, surgeon, horsewoman, rider, and best of all, super cool, Elizabeth (or “E”) has proven a great match for the practice; more specifically, for our clients (horses and customers alike). Dr. Hyman and I are thrilled to have her on our team and we look forward to many collaborative years ahead. Her advanced acupuncture and Eastern supplement knowledge are a great mix of traditional Western and Eastern medicine styles. We love being able to offer additional treatments and services to help keep your horses healthy for life!

We’ve added another vet truck, truck-bed insert for medications, x-ray system, ultrasound, and all the gear so that all 3 vets are able to arrive fully prepared to tackle all your horse’s needs without rescheduling or adding a layer of inconvenience to appointments. Ensuring TEVA veterinarians are fully equipped is another way we prove our commitment to providing you with excellent medical care AND customer service!

Read More About Dr. Coppelman HERE

Growing Office Team

Emily joined us several months ago and we’re super excited to have her with TEVA. She joins the most incredible Verna handling most all of our front office needs. Katie also joined the practice during our fourth quarter and has quickly learned and taken the lead on labs and medical record entries. I'm extremely proud of these two and what they're doing to keep TEVA running smoothly and efficiently. I know they are doing their best to impress you as they provide you with a great customer experience.

LOVE Seeing Stomachs!

Providing gastroscopy on the farm has proven both super convenient and insightful for many owners. We are now visualizing ulcers affecting not just performance and boarded horses, but also the at-home hard keeper or “not doing as well as they could” horses at small private farms. The clinical signs of ulcer in your horse are no longer just reserved for the nervous or stressed.

Zap, Zap, Zap Away the Pain

TEVA continues to strive to make horse care affordable and easy for horse owners, and TEVA’s lasers do just that. Lasers heal when used daily and combined with a tailored vet treatment plan. Teaching you to use our rentable laser and leaving it with you for 1-4 weeks helps you to minimize your horse’s pain and maximize rapid healing.

Polo in the Park

Not only is our office at the Morven Park Equestrian Center, so is some great summer polo. TEVA has a tailgate spot, so there is always an open invitation to all of you to come by, say hello, have a drink, and we’ll talk about a sport whose rules still mystify many.

Raising Awareness about Veteran Suicide

20 military veterans commit suicide every day. In its inaugural year, I was fortunate to support Brave Hearts in their 20-mile horseback ride through the streets of downtown Washington DC in September. Around the mall, White House, Capitol, Georgetown, and Rock Creek with both the vet truck and ambulance, I was the caboose behind a group of about 20 riders. We sought to raise awareness and lay the foundation for an annual city-riding event.

Vets Getting Smarter

Always learning and growing through annual continuing education. I attended a 4-day Performance Horse Vet/Farrier conference in New York in September and qualified as an Equinosis Certified Practitioner.

Dr. Hyman and family traveled to South Africa for an advanced lameness and internal medicine conference.

Dr. Coppelman stayed local, attending a conference at the National Zoo among others and has proven invaluable at delivering learned information to clients and patients. She is also working very hard with university faculty on a high-level lameness research paper for her surgery boards.

Read More About Our 2018 Education Milestones

Protecting Young Athletes

All 3 of TEVA’s veterinarians volunteered to certify in this important program to educate, report, identify potential problems, and protect the innocent. Serving to set the example for all trainers and role models to our junior riders, our veterinarians are forerunners in supporting this SafeSport national program.

Healthy for Life

Exemplifying TEVA’s mission to provide the best care possible and maintaining soundness, preventing lameness, and proactive health care, TEVA wrote a very informative equine health care booklet designed to help identify the needs of horses based on how your horse is used. Hard keeper, senior, high performance athlete, trail rider, pasture pet, or newborn—they are all covered. Just request a “Healthy for Life” guide from us and we will get one to you.

Bronze Medal at CAC Games

In July, I served as the Team Veterinarian for the Barbados Equestrian Team at the CAC Games in Bogota, Colombia. The Eventing Team of 3 riders won Bronze medals. This was the culmination of a couple years of intense training and behind-the-scenes vetting to see the team through these Games. I cherish and immensely value the relationships I have developed with world-renown lameness and high-level veterinarians and I look forward to continuing to interact with them. Personally, I like bringing this international veterinarian exposure home to apply locally to our horses in NOVA. The next step is the Pan American Games in Lima, Peru, in July 2019 for this Eventing Team.

Go Navy!

Losses to Air Force and Army hurt this year. Nonetheless, Navy spirit is strong around Leesburg. Beat Army!

Referral Credits - Real Cash for Clients!

We sincerely appreciate your referrals, as word of mouth is the greatest recommendation you can give to us. For your referral, we gave back to you through our Referral Rewards Program—about $3,700 of account credit and TEVA merchandise to the referrers and many, many half-price farm call fee credits to the referees on their first visit. Thank you for referring us to your friends. 

Learn More About Our Referral Rewards

TEVA 2018 By The Numbers:
  • Donated nearly $15,000 in services and medicines to local organizations
  • Made more than 5,500 farm calls
  • Drove more than 90,000 miles
  • Collected more than 550 fecal samples
  • Used 3,729 blood tubes and 11,988 syringes

- READ Part 2: Our 2019 Road Map -

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