The team at Rutledge Farm is thrilled to welcome back Total Equine Veterinary Associates (TEVA) as a Platinum sponsor for the 2019 Rutledge Farm Sessions. As one of the generous partners returning from 2018, Rutledge Farm is honored to once again add TEVA to the list of incredible sponsors for this year. TEVA's unwavering dedication to equine health and welfare across all disciplines and levels makes them a great fit for a partnership with Rutledge Farm Sessions.

Founded in 2010 by Dr. Jay Joyce, and since joined by Dr. Sallie Hyman and Dr. Elizabeth Coppelman, this Northern Virginia based practice provides a revolutionized client experience from the office to the farm. High-tech equipment and cutting-edge medicine provided by experienced and knowledgeable doctors, combined with a highly educated and skilled administrative staff enable the TEVA team to provide the highest quality and scope of hospital-level referral services around the clock at the farm. TEVA's veterinarians work to give solid diagnosis' and formulate realistic treatment plans that are focused around compassion, integrity and understanding the needs of each horse and its owner.

"Our multi-discipline practice ranges from retired horses to grand prix level horses. Most horse owners agree that they want what is best for their horse regardless of competition and training level or the horse's current use and purpose," shares Dr. Joyce. "Education combined with genuine concern for the health and welfare of the horse are cornerstone tenants of our practice. Rutledge Farm's vision of bringing in the best of the best, as far as clinicians go, parallels what we are trying to do as a practice and aligns well with our philosophy and mission."

Going to great lengths to provide educational opportunities to equestrians, TEVA provides regular seminars and client education sessions at Morven Park Equestrian Center where their office is located. With nearly 20 years of commitment to the care of horses and riders, Dr. Joyce believes that the Rutledge Farm Sessions are an extension of his philosophy that correct training is the basis for maximizing overall health and maintaining soundness while simultaneously preventing illness and minimizing the risk of injury.

"The Rutledge Farm Sessions have such a high level of outreach and education that is just as beneficial for the auditors as it is for the riders themselves," explains Dr. Joyce. "It is an honor to partner with Rutledge Farm Sessions and we hope to continue this for many years to come. These clinics provide the equestrian community incredible value and there is no limit to the positive impact these sessions will have on horses, the riders, and the auditors."

TEVA will be onsite during all of the clinics at Rutledge Farm. Attendees will have the opportunity to learn from staff, ask specific questions about their horses, and receive a "Healthy for Life" booklet, (TEVA's publication on recommended veterinary services for horses ranging in age and discipline) at no extra cost. The TEVA team will even help formulate maintenance plans and medicine options that are individualized to each horse in hopes of helping attendees realize the importance of equine total health and wellness.

About TEVA

TEVA is a full-service, 100% mobile veterinary practice dedicated to providing the most advanced on-farm veterinary care. Combining state-of-the art technology with cutting edge medicine to deliver diagnoses and effective treatment plans, TEVA continues to revolutionize the client experience and mobile equine care for horses at all stages in life and activity level. The practice includes a board-certified internal medicine specialist and a surgeon, as well as a certified Equinosis lameness practitioner, all of whom bring hospital-level referral services to barns throughout Northern Virginia and Maryland. Total Equine Veterinary Associates was founded on the principles of education, integrity, compassion and preventive care with the ultimate mission of keeping horses healthy for life. TEVA is headquartered at the Morven Park Equestrian Center in Leesburg, Virginia. To learn more about TEVA, please visit

For more information about Rutledge Farm Session, or to find out how to ride in one of this year's sessions, visit Easy registration for the Rutledge Farm Sessions clinic series is provided by Event Clinics.

About the Rutledge Farm Sessions

The Rutledge Farm Session series offers unique educational opportunities for equestrians to train with the country's top high-performance athletes. Rutledge Farm's clinicians are Olympic team medalists and professionals who have demonstrated superior skills and success on the international stage of equestrian competitions. Rutledge Farm clinicians are top experts in show jumping, dressage, 3-day eventing, equitation and hunter disciplines. Our mission is to actively support the development of U.S. equestrians to enable them to successfully compete at all levels of the sport.

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