In Part 2: The Road Map Ahead we want to give you insight as to what we are looking to do this year. We hope you enjoyed reading last week’s Part 1. Thank you again for your ongoing support of Total Equine Veterinary Associates!

TEVA continues to bring innovative equine care to the farm and improvements to our customer service platform. The Road Map Ahead shares exciting news regarding what we have planned for this year and how it affects you. We look forward to our continued partnership with our clients and the horse community.

Part 2: The Road Map Ahead

Telemedicine Services

In keeping with human medicine and small animal veterinary trends, TEVA will begin to offer telemedicine services for select cases like minor wounds, hives, and fever. We aim to save you time and money with these consults via text or email. Look for more information and details by February so you can take advantage of this lower cost option.

Global Warming, Mosquitoes, and Disease Prevention: We're Adding a Vaccine to Fall

Whatever the reason for the long Summer and warm Fall, the threat of mosquito-borne diseases like West Nile and Eastern/Western Encephalitis is rising. In anticipation of this increased risk, we are adding back these vaccines to our Fall program. This is a difficult decision as we don’t encourage over-vaccination, but it's in the best interest of keeping your horses healthy. With last season’s horse deaths around Loudoun County, we are legitimately concerned. Your horses always get these vaccines in the Spring; but it is the addition of these vaccines in the Fall that will be new for 2019. We won’t make a decision about 2020 until the end of 2019.  

Reinventing Our Website

Now this is super exciting for our TEVA team and we hope you'll feel the same. It’s time for a website facelift and content upgrade. We are designing a new and more user-friendly framework to match current surfing trends and minimize confusing navigation. We want to make it easier to find our horse health care articles, access digital Coggins, pay bills, request vet services, and refill medications. Look for the launch by mid-summer.

Winter Seminars at Morven Park

TEVA listens! Incorporating your feedback from seminars and a recent Facebook poll, the topics were chosen by popular demand. On January 24, we presented The #1 killer of horses: Colic to nearly 100 attendees. And coming up next, on February 21st, it’s all about first aid – at home injuries, first aid kit essentials, wound care, and when to call the vet.

We are working on a super-sized surprise for our third Spring seminar, but here's a hint: trailers! Stay tuned as we finalize our plans for what we hope will be a fun-filled, educational day for the whole family!

From one delighted attendee: "The Colic seminar had a huge impact on my non-horsey husband! He loved the visuals, and has laminated the colic handout and hung it in our barn. He even reminds me if I take too long enjoying my coffee in the morning that I'm increasing their chances of colic because I'm delaying their schedule. Thanks again to all of you for a great night!"

Branding and Partnerships

Want some TEVA logo gear? Want to spread the word about your experiences with TEVA? We are looking for our most assertive and most active equestrian community clients to serve as our Brand Ambassadors.

Also, look for our partnership with the Rutledge Farm Olympic Gold Medalist Clinic Sessions for 2019, as well as Event Clinics to foster the TEVA brand and connect us with top riders.

More Veterinary Continuing Education

Watch as our veterinarians attend conferences to learn new techniques and treatments, and relay this information to you so that we may better treat your horses. Lameness, field surgery, dentistry, emergency care, and internal medicine are the type of hands-on labs and lectures that we seek so we may keep your horses Healthy for Life.

Pan American Games 2019

A stepping stone to the Olympics in Tokyo 2020, let’s see if the Barbados Eventing Team and I can make it through the intense pre-games training and medal at the Pan American Games in Lima, Peru this summer! It really is a tough road but we’re aiming to capitalize on our success at the regional Central American and Caribbean (CAC) Games and keep moving forward.

I suspect by our busy spring season, we'll be adding additional office staff. We have a great team, but as we grow we want to ensure your TEVA experience is second to none.
I promise you that I personally care about every interaction we make at TEVA. You have the power to choose your veterinarian and control your experience and interactions with us. So much so, if TEVA is not providing you with the veterinary care or customer service that you expect, then please reach out to me. Our vets and staff strive to make everyone happy.

Best wishes to you, your family and your horses. We look forward to another year of serving you and providing the best care available in our region while we keep your horses Healthy for Life.

Warmest Regards,

Dr. Jay Joyce

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