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An Introduction to Equine Biosecurity - On & Off the Farm

Presented by VA Dept. of Agriculture - State Veterinarian - Dr. Abby Sage

Virginia State Veterinarian Abby Sage will be teaching basic practices and principles of equine biosecurity that you can use immediately to keep your horse happy and healthy.

Having proper biosecurity measures in place for your horse, at home and on the road, can make a difference between life and death, healthy or sick. Why risk your horse's health, veterinary bills, and the health of herd mates if you don't have to? This is a seminar you don't want to miss.

We will discuss recent real case scenarios from events and on-farm outbreaks, and answer critical questions about biosecurity measures on and off the farm, including:

  • What would you if you received notification that a horse at the show you recently attended died and tested positive for EHV? What next?
  • How do you ensure a new horse (with an unknown history) is healthy enough to interact with pasture mates?
  • How do you keep your horse healthy and disease-free while traveling?
  • What are the most important practices on the farm to minimize the risk of disease outbreaks?

Event Details:
Thursday, July 6th, 2017 - 6:15pm - 9pm
Morven Park Equestrian Center - Indoor Arena
Picnic-style Dinner Provided
FREE TO ATTEND, registration appreciated

Dr. Joyce Named PATH International Vet of the Year (Region 3)

Last month we were honored to learn that our friends at Loudoun Therapeutic Riding (LTR) had nominated Dr. Joyce for the PATH International (Professional Association of Therapeutic Horsemanship International) Vet of the Year award. This week, we received notification that Dr. Joyce has been selected as the Region 3 (Virginia, West Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina) winner and will be considered for the 2017 PATH International Veterinarian of the Year award.

Dr. Joyce's commitment to the equine community continues to be noticed. His dedication to healthy horses and happy clients extends through his service to non-profit organizations, civic and education commitments, youth development opportunities, and more.

Thank you to Loudoun Therapeutic Riding and PATH International for this honorable recognition!

Want to learn more about LTR or PATH International?

Visit these sites:
Loudoun Therapeutic Riding
PATH International

Fireworks and Horses Don't Always Mix

Fireworks and horses don't work well together at times. If your horse gets spooky with sparks from the neighborhood, Dr. Joyce recommends practicing this quick, easy routine with your fireworks-opposed horse several nights before the spectacle in the sky sounds off.

  1. Stall your horse in their barn, with buddies nearby if possible
  2. Turn on all the lights so they notice the flashes from fireworks less
  3. Turn up the music to blend in or drown out the bangs and booms
  4. Make sure they have hay and water and access to their favorite stall toys

Doing this for several nights prior to fireworks will help your horses get used to a slightly new process for them. Just make sure to turn the lights out and music off so they can rest comfortably after the fireworks are over.

Want more information? Here's a great article from our friends at - Read it Here!


Here are a few articles that are worth a read plus events to fill up your summer calendars!

Is it Too Hot to Ride?
Knowing how your horse thermo-regulates will help you better understand how to keep him cool. Horses' bodies produce heat when they work. They have several mechanisms that get rid of this heat. To learn about those mechanisms and how to keep your horse safe in summer from TEVA's Dr. Sallie Hyman - Click here.

Polo is Coming to Morven Park!
Morven Park will launch its inaugural season of Polo in the Park this Saturday, July 1 at the Morven Park International Equestrian Center. Arena polo matches, picnicking and dancing will take place every Saturday evening in July and August! Get the details here.

Make the Most of Your Vet Appointment

  1. Be on time and have your horse caught and haltered. To maximize the time your vet can spend with you, please have your horse ready, especially if your horse is difficult to catch!
  2. Make sure your horse is clean enough for the vet to examine. Whether needing to look good for Coggins photos or facilitating preparation for procedures or vaccines, a clean horse is less likely to have negative reactions.
  3. Work with your horse and teach good manners. Not every horse enjoys a visit from the vet, but if it has basic manners things will go much more smoothly.  Simple leading, trotting a straight line and the ability to stand quietly for temperature taking are imperative.
  4. Write down questions and concerns beforehand. Present your list at the start of the appointment. Large concerns that are forgotten until the end of the exam cannot be properly addressed at the end of the appointment.
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