TEVA Wins Small Business of the Year

Earlier this fall we announced to the world that we'd been selected as a Loudoun County Chamber of Commerce Small Business of the Year finalist in the Tourism and Rural Business category. We were among fierce competition, being judged against the Leesburg Animal Park, North Gate Vineyard, and The Vineyards & Winery at Lost Creek and many other local businesses. On the evening of November 4, the Chamber of Commerce held its annual awards gala, and we were honored to have been named the winner!

Beyond the award, being recognized for operational excellence helps us strengthen our reputation in the regional business community which allows us to continue to grow our practice and deliver the best in equine veterinary medicine.

More about the story, including Dr. Jay's thank yous and videos can be found here.

MEDICAL MINUTE: Pasture Wounds

Abbreviated Medical Advice from Dr. Joyce

The photos below are of two different horses at different farms, seen on the same day for wounds resulting from disagreements with pasture mates. It is critically important to know all of your horses' personalities before turning them out with pasture mates. Of course, a bit of playfulness is expected, but watch closely and never turn them out when you can't be there to observe playtime and mealtime behavior.  Both of these horses were kicked by their "friends" which will happen from time to time so be sure to give your horses a once over every time you bring them in.


Here are a few additional articles that are worth a read!

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Introduction of new pasturemates can be done with some care to try to minimize risk of injury or displacement around limited resources...

Understanding Herd Dynamics
What are your hroses' pasture behaviours telling you and what can you do...

Cold Weather Riding
Winter is upon us and most of us still want to ride. For those of us not lucky enough to be able to spend the cold season in warmer parts of the country, here is some information on effects that cold weather riding has on your horse, and how to keep him healthy and safe despite the cold temperatures.

To Blanket or Not To Blanket?
Under what circumstances is blanketing preferred or necessary? That is the question, and here we have the answers...

Make the Most of Your Vet Appointment

  1. Be on time and have your horse caught and haltered. To maximize the time your vet can spend with you, please have your horse ready, especially if your horse is difficult to catch!
  2. Make sure your horse is clean enough for the vet to examine. Whether needing to look good for Coggins photos or facilitating preparation for procedures or vaccines, a clean horse is less likely to have negative reactions.
  3. Work with your horse and teach good manners. Not every horse enjoys a visit from the vet, but if it has basic manners things will go much more smoothly. Simple leading, trotting a straight line and the ability to stand quietly for temperature taking are imperative.
  4. Write down questions and concerns beforehand. Present your list at the start of the appointment. Large concerns that are forgotten until the end of the exam cannot be properly addressed at the end of the appointment.
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