Our Doctors' days rarely end when our administrative office closes at 6pm. Whether it's a midnight foal assist or a 4am colic emergency, TEVA vets follow their hearts and always put the needs of your faithful equine companions first.
Dr. Jay Joyce epitomizes this. Not a day goes by that doesn't involve some facet of equine medicine. From suturing wounds and lameness evaluations to education and community service, Dr. Joyce's life is his work and his work is his passion. He never…
Dr. Elizabeth Coppelman has been practicing equine surgery and medicine since 2013. She grew up in Alexandria, Virginia and competed in the Northern Virginia hunter/jumper circuits.
A look back at 2019 accomplishments and a look forward to what 2020 holds for Total Equine Veterinary Associates
Effective Immediately (December 13, 2019) Our mailing and billing address has changed.
From Spring wellness to Winter seminars, our February newsletter is packed with useful tidbits for equestrians everywhere.
With recent discussion and investigation into the sudden deaths associated with the administration of compounded medroxyprogesterone ("Depo"), Total Equine Veterinary Associates has decided that it is in the best interest of all the horses under our…
And the Winner is..... TEVA!
In Part 2: The Road Map Ahead we want to give you insight as to what we are looking to do this year. We hope you enjoyed reading last week’s Part 1. Thank you again for your ongoing support of Total Equine Veterinary Associates!
Each year I try to keep everyone abreast of TEVA’s overall progress as I sincerely believe that we are all in this horse world together. I share your interest in the welfare and performance of your horses; and hope that keeping you engaged ensures…
Why Farrier Balance Radiographs? We’re going to start this article by saying: Get your Farrier films now! WHY? Because balanced hooves promote soundness and that’s in your control. Keep reading to learn more...
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