Spring Wellness Season

With such a mild Winter throughout Northern Virginia, our Spring wellness season is off to a busy start! If you’re not participating in one of our large barn clinic days, you can still save 10% off your Spring wellness visit by pre-ordering on our website! It’s even easier this year to order what you need, with our reinvented platform and easy to use web store here.

What’s the difference between a wellness visit and vaccine visit?

The difference lies in the quality of service provided by the veterinarian. A “Spring/Fall Wellness” visit includes a physical exam, an oral exam, counseling and consultation, nutritional consultation, along with the administration of TEVA’s recommended spring or fall vaccines. This wellness visit includes a candid discussion about you and your horse, with your TEVA veterinarian taking time to catch-up on all aspects of your horse’s well-being and to talk to you and/or your trainer about any concerns you may have. Comprehensive care is the TEVA way. 

A “vaccine visit” doesn’t build a relationship and it is a disservice to you and your horse. Just giving cheap shots is not the TEVA way.

Wellness visits play a critical role in our TEVA veterinary team providing the ultimate preventive care to keep your horse Healthy for Life.

Our Healthy for Life Seminars Continue to Deliver!

Our January and February Healthy for Life Seminars held at the Morven Park International Equestrian Center Hofmann classroom were both huge hits! With combined attendance more than 160 clients and equestrian friends, we are excited about our next seminar night coming up, date to be announced soon!

Equine Acupuncture and On-Farm Surgeries

Eastern medicine meets Western medicine in this seminar presented by TEVA’s Dr. Elizabeth Coppelman. Learn the ins and outs of how equine acupuncture and Chinese herbs treat a variety of equine ailments followed by an introduction to on-farm surgeries.

Total Equine Vets wants to make sure you have a variety of care and treatment options at your fingertips when it comes to keeping your horses Healthy for Life.

Why pay more for hospital treatments and minor surgical procedures at a large facility when we can do them right on the farm? We bring you simple and affordable medical technology and solutions. 

Join us on a to be determined date to learn more!

Our Healthy for Life Seminars are free to attend, but registration is requested for planning purposes. Registration link coming soon!

Our 2020 Client Information Sheet can now be filled out ONLINE!

You asked, we listened! No more printing, handwriting, and snapping a picture back to us! You can now click just a few buttons to complete and digitally sign your Client Information Sheet and Payment Authorization Form on our website, found here.

We aim to have every TEVA client updated with the 2020 form, and everyone (new and existing clients) will be asked to place a 2020 form on file before we can dispatch a doctor for appointments or emergency visits!

Policy Update: Delinquent Accounts

With the new year comes new guidelines from our accounting team. Because we always try to be understanding and courteous when it comes to asking our clients for money, occasionally a few people let us down and ghost us, requiring us to “write off” the account, lose the money, and not pay the veterinarian who did the work. It’s a sad situation for all involved, so this year we’re improving our client communications to hopefully prevent those situations from happening.

Communication is truly the key – when we reach out to clients about accounts, we do so by phone, text, mail and email multiple times. We don’t do this to be annoying, but rather to provide various ways for clients to communicate with us – which is what needs to happen if you’re late paying your bill. TEVA will not deny you or your horse service, but we may deny you credit to minimize our risk of non-payment.

Talk to us. Let us help you come up with a payment plan that works for both of us and continues to keep your horse(s) healthy for life.

Our new policy states: “In the event that an account becomes past due, we charge a monthly service fee of $10.00 minimum or 5% of the outstanding balance for balances older than 30 days. At 45 days past due, clients will be placed on EMERGENCY SERVICES ONLY status and any elective services must be veterinarian-approved and paid in advance. At 60 days past due, accounts are subject to collections and/or legal proceedings as well as discontinuation of all services from Total Equine Veterinary Associates. It is the client’s responsibility to pay the outstanding balance, late fees, interest charges, attorneys’ fees, and court costs associated with collections and/or legal proceedings. Returned checks incur a $45 service charge added to the outstanding balance.”

Upcoming Events:

March 12 - 6:30pm-9:00pm
Total Equine Healthy for Life Seminar
(Click for More Info) 

March 17 - 5:00pm-8:00pm
Annual Equine Expo
Loudoun County Equine Alliance
Stone Tower Winery
(Click for More Info) 

March 28 – 29
Morven Park Spring Horse Trials
(Click for more info)

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From all of us at Total Equine Veterinary Associates, we hope you find this information useful. Feel free to share with your friends, family, and fellow equestrians. Our goal is to help keep horses of all ages and disciplines Healthy for Life.

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