The difference lies in the quality of service provided by the veterinarian. A “Spring/Fall Wellness” visit includes a physical exam, an oral exam, seasonal counseling and consultation, nutritional consultation, along with the administration of TEVA’s recommended spring or fall vaccines. The wellness visit also includes a candid discussion about you and your horse with your TEVA veterinarian taking time to catch-up on all aspects of your horse’s well-being, and to talk to you and/or your trainer about any concerns you may have. This is very important, and necessary, in order for your veterinarian to deliver the best care at the time of the visit and going forward. At TEVA, we have very thoughtfully and deliberately balanced affordability and quality care.

A “Vaccine Visit” doesn’t build a relationship, which is a disservice to you and your horse. As a vaccine appointment may lack a thorough exam, have no temperature taken, no heart rate recorded, and most likely lacks the client-vet interaction that you’d expect.

Wellness visits play a critical role in our TEVA veterinary team providing the ultimate preventive care to keep your horse Healthy for Life.

Registered February 2020
Author: Jay Joyce, DVM

Information in this article is for educational purposes only and is not a substitute for evaluation by an equine professional. In particular, all horse owners should seek advice and treatment from a licensed veterinarian, such as TEVA, for their horses' medical care.

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