The TEVA Way

Excellence in Equine Health and Performance.

totalWho is Total Equine Veterinary Associates?  The short answer is that Total Equine, or TEVA, is a full service, mobile veterinary practice dedicated to providing the most advanced care possible on your farm.  We aim to revolutionize your on-farm experience by bringing high-tech equipment and cutting edge medicine to help provide a solid diagnosis and institute realistic treatment plans. Compassion, integrity, and understanding are part of our everyday mission. 

We’ve coupled our desire to provide the best medical and dental care possible with our unique approach to customer service to create a special equine health care relationship.  We have a genuine desire to make your entire veterinary experience pleasant, educational, and informative with practical solutions that consider multiple factors like cost, patient tolerance for treatment, medication interactions, and more. 

Preventative care is a cornerstone of our philosophy; we want to take care of your equine friends and family members for a long, long time. It is more sensible to prevent lameness and sickness as much as possible and over the years, we’ve witnessed this philosophy succeed many times over. From an economic view, it is more cost-effective to keep your sound horse sound, then to react to a lame horse and need to fix it. 

We encourage you to meet with us or attend one of our educational seminars and experience why TEVA is different from other veterinary practices.  

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