In Part 2: The Road Map Ahead we want to give you insight as to what we are looking to do this year. We hope you enjoyed reading last week’s Part 1. Thank you again for your ongoing support of Total…
Each year I try to keep everyone abreast of TEVA’s overall progress as I sincerely believe that we are all in this horse world together. I share your interest in the welfare and performance of your…
Why Farrier Balance Radiographs? We’re going to start this article by saying: Get your Farrier films now! WHY? Because balanced hooves promote soundness and that’s in your control. Keep reading to…
As we enter our tenth year of business, we have the opportunity to reflect on what sets our practice apart from other mobile equine practitioners in the Loudoun marketplace. One of the main…
With more than 20 million members belonging to just ONE of the many human telemedicine services available, the use of telemedicine has grown significantly in recent years.
Leptospirosis is an eye-threatening bacterial disease associated with uveitis/blindness and abortion. Vaccinate if your horse is at risk!
The team at Rutledge Farm is thrilled to welcome back Total Equine Veterinary Associates (TEVA) as a Platinum sponsor for the 2019 Rutledge Farm Sessions. As one of the generous partners returning…
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