Young Horse–0 to 4 yrs

TEVAFoalingAs with people, equine health care changes with age. TEVA’s team understands that treatment and routine care is not the same for every equine, at every stage of its life. We take age into account when suggesting any treatment or preventative care options.

The Young Equine:

We have many youngsters in our TEVA client family, and we feel its important to get them started on a preventitive health program early. As in the financial world, early investments pay long term dividends. With your horse, it doesn’t matter if your long-term strategy is performance and resale, or a long life of love, good care pays off in high dividends.

Newborns, Weanlings and Yearlings:

This important group of horses has specific needs and a well-defined set of nutritional and health issues. We share your concerns in starting off healthy and on the right track. Whether it is a newborn foal examination or initial vaccines at 6 months, TEVA is committed to helping you and your young horse begin life full of potential and sickness-free.

Recommended Services: Newborn Exam, IgG Antibody testing, 6-month starter vaccinations.

Younger Years 1-4:

These horses are full of potential and are looking for a career. Whether they are a starting trail horse or an Olympic-jumper, starting correctly and ensuring that they remain sound are very important. Early oral exams to check for wolf teeth or retained baby teeth are very important when initially training. Conformation and appropriateness to the intended work are topics often discussed at exams.

Recommended Services: Annual Exams, Oral exam, Vaccinations, Targeted Deworming/Fecal Egg Counts

The Young Horse: Questions Answered

My mare just foaled, now what?

Call us. We need to visit in the first day in all cases. We need to test the foal’s antibodies (IgG) and we can do this on the farm. The mare and foal need an exam to ensure each is healthy and not having problems. It is also our chance to help lead you through some common pitfalls.

Can TEVA help with behavior issues like trailer training, socialization, nutrition, weaning?


Do young horses need dental care?

Yes. They need annual exams and sometimes dental work.

Where can I find a “standard” young horse deworming schedule?

There is none. Deworming protocols vary by geographic region and even between farms. Call us to discuss your concerns and specifics about your horses.

When do we start vaccinating?

Usually around 6 months old. We will advise you of the current, best vaccination protocols for this area and for your specific needs.

Does TEVA provide a standard vaccination protocol online?

No. Every horse and farm is different. These days, it is more appropriate to discuss your needs rather than copy an old chart from years ago.

My mare is pregnant, what do I do?

Just contact us. We will guide you throughout the process.

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