Pre-Purchase Exams

Pre-purchase Evaluation Package

The clinical evaluation begins with a comprehensive examination of the horse’s body systems which include respiratory, cardiovascular, ocular, musculoskeletal and gastrointestinal. During the moving evaluation, the horse will be examined at a walk and trot in a straight line; then lunged at the walk, trot and canter in both directions. Forelimb and hind limb flexions are also included in the pre-purchase evaluations.

Under the direction of the veterinarian, the horse may be observed under saddle; therefore, we recommend bringing tack to the pre-purchase examination. This exam may take 2 hours.

The items below may be performed at the pre-purchase examination:

Digital Radiograph Examination: After the clinical examination, we may proceed to radiographs. A thorough set of pre-purchase radiographs requires 32 views including front feet/navicular, front & rear fetlocks, both hocks, and both stifles (we offer a discounted package – normal pricing for the same 36 views would be $1,9801,568, we offer at nearly 17% off=$1,695.)

Recommended radiographs for exam (TEVA’s Comprehensive Package):

FRONT FEET/NAVICULAR: Lateral, 0 degree DP, 65 degree DP, 45 degree DP, Navicular Skyline
FRONT & REAR FETLOCKS: Lateral, DP, Medial and Lateral Oblique
HOCKS: Lateral, DP, Medial and Lateral Oblique
STIFLE: Lateral, Caudal-cranial, Medial Oblique


Additional radiographs of the carpus (front knee) and hind fetlocks may be indicated depending on the clinical and moving evaluation.

It is standard in our examination to remove the horse’s front shoes in order to obtain the best quality radiographs. Exceptions will need to be discussed with the veterinarian performing the examination. We do not provide a farrier to replace shoes, although we remove shoes. More advanced diagnostics such as ultrasound may be indicated if swelling, thickening, or sensitivity of the tendons or ligaments is revealed during palpation.

Digital Radiographs will be provided upon request on a USB drive at no charge. Postage charges will be at the buyer’s expense. If radiographs accompany the horse and are used instead of our radiographs, there will be a $100- 250 radiographic consultation fee.

CBC/Chemistry Panel (Blood work): A complete blood count (CBC) is one of the most common blood tests performed to help diagnose various infections or other abnormal conditions of the body such as anemia or infection/inflammation. The Chemistry Panel provides information concerning muscle enzymes, kidney, liver and other organ function. Allow 1-3 days for results.

Drug Screen: Blood is sent to an outside lab. Results are often not available for at least 7-14 working days. We discourage storing serum as the freezing process degrades the sample.

Digital Coggins Test: Strongly encouraged unless the seller can provide the buyer with a current copy dated within the past 12 months.

Endoscopy: Provides direct visual evaluation of the upper respiratory tract and helps diagnose conditions such as “roarers”, laryngeal hemiplegia, epiglottic entrapment, dorsal displacement, chondritis, and lymphoid hyperplasia.

Insurance Exam: Email forms to our office before the exam. Some insurance exams require very specific examination protocols.

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