Middle Age: 5-12 yrs

tab2dressage.jpgThe Emerging Stars… Staying fit and healthy is the key to maintaining this group, as young athletes will need close veterinary guidance to monitor development and preserve soundness. TEVA can guide our middle age equine owners in a manner that will assist in keeping your horse pain-free as reasonable as possible. Our goal with Middle Age equines ranging from 5-12 years is keep them developing properly so that they can meet their full potential!

Middle Age: 5 – 12 Years

“Maintenance” and “preserving soundness” are our twin goals for this working equine group. Ensuring your horse remains pain-free and comfortable is our concern. We often advise on appropriate work schedules in relation to your specific horse. We are also concerned about your horse’s long-term comfort and we have ways of helping your horse now, so that in 10 years, he is not suffering the consequences of decisions made today. It does not need to be expensive, it just needs to be discussed, and a reasonable, considerate plan appropriate to your horse can be developed.

Recommended Services: Annual Exams, Oral Exams, Vaccinations, 12-24 month Dental Floats, Targeted Deworming/Fecal Egg Counts, Soundness Evaluations, Farrier Consultations, Anti-Arthritis Medications.

The Middle Years: Questions Answered

My horse is sound. Why do I need a vet?

Because NO horse stays sound forever. Concerned horse owners seek to keep their horses comfotable of a long period of time. Veterinarians hold the key to preserving soundness and guiding you in a maner that optimizes the number of sound years and prostpones age-related changes when possible.

Does a trail horse need help?

Yes. To a lesser degree, but all horses need some maintenance.

Can Total Equine Vet take care of my high-end sport horse?

Absolutely yes! We serve many well-known horses and owners. We have the tools, techniques, and experience to handle all levels of horse. In the rare instance when we cannot directly solve the problem, we have a network of specialist that we rely upon to fill in the gaps.


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