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What our clients say about TEVA

It is so nice to receive a handwritten note after a tough emergency call.

Read a nice note from Loudoun County Animal Shelter here.

A student who rode around with us a few days go sent a nice Thank You note. Periodically, students from local schools will spend the day riding around with a TEVA vet. They do it for school credit and we do it as part of giving back to the community.

A recent email— …-I’m one of those “worried” owners when it comes to my horse…. I’m happy to share that we completed our first full horse trial in over a year the other weekend! And finished in 3rd! So thank you TEVA for keeping Aria healthy, happy and sound so we can do what we love and kick around XC! I’m so happy to have found such an amazing team – from the friendly and helpful people who answer my calls to the talented vets who take incredible care of my horse! Thank you! TC

TEVA received this thoughtful letter from students we assisted in a research project.

 Here is a link to a letter from a former client Mae Lindstrom
 and more testimonials:

“I just want to thank you for taking the time to answer my many questions about H… and EPM.  I was kind of concerned that maybe we had missed some signs of him being neurological as opposed to just being lame but felt better after I talked to you.

I like that you are usually optimistic and just kind of go with whatever comes next. You don’t dwell too much on the negative. My daughter said she likes you because you just act like a normal guy and you tend to think out loud so we kind of know what’s going through your head. And , of course, thank you for the courtesy discount. Every little bit helps, especially when you have 4 horses.

We also enjoy your sense of humor! It helps keep things in perspective. Thanks again for all you do…. We really do appreciate it.
B…& N…
PS.  As of this evening. Harley was still standing. Moving kind of slow but still on all 4s. 😋. Keeping our fingers crossed.”

Dr. Joyce, … You did a fantastic job as usual. So glad you are our veterinarian.  Blessings, P July 1

“Love the way you do business! “Dr. Jay” and staff go the extra mile to keep owner informed and educated as to the care of their horse . I appreciate all the innovative ideas you are implementing! Thank you for your services. Gail-it is a pleasure to work with you as well.”  ~ L.H.   May 25

“TEVA did what they could to get me the Coggins in a pinch and even though the lab didn’t come through, I was happy they made such a rush to get their part done! Thanks  Dr. J!!” – M.L. May 23

“Thank you for the prompt service!!” ~ C.S. April 4

“Thank you for everything and I look forward to working with you in the future.” ~ L.K. March 29

“Ongoing well checks and sick visits for 7 1/2 years. Horse and owner love Dr. J. He is great with horses and people. He explains everything he’s doing and educates my kids while he’s there. I completely trust him with my animal and my wallet because he really considers cost as well as what’s best for the horse. He obviously loves his job!” ~ D.G March 23

“My miniature stallion was colicing and Dr Joyce was out to treat him within 30 minutes of my call. He was very good with Jack and although it is too soon to tell, Jack is getting stronger every day. Thank you, Dr Joyce! Thank you so much for your help with Jack. I was very pleased. He’s feeling a little better every day!” W.S. January 17

“Mare is doing great…thanks for the extra time you spent with us and the good understand of what was happening and what to expect in recovery…AAAA++++” ~ L. December 4

“Kudos and all credit to Dr. Jay for the zebra tranquilization. Dr. Jay showed the skill, calm and confidence necessary to handle the situation in a masterful way. We know how these situations can easily escalate into hysteria. It was Dr. Jay that kept things in check. Our most heart felt thanks.” ~ Bob & Shirley, November 29

“I think you guys are fantastic; I don’t think I’ve ever had a vet that has been so knowledgeable and detailed in explaining everything about procedures and the diagnosis. I’ve talked you guys up to everyone at the barn. =)”C. November 18

They chose well in choosing you. The students are very welcome here and I hope some of them will go into equine medicine. The mares like meeting new people – probably due to their years spent at a rescue farm with all the volunteers.”   ~ B.S.

“Thank you! We are glad to have you involved also.”  ~ L.

“This is wonderful! It demonstrates the positive energy and compassion that makes TEVA great! Good luck!”  ~ The Critters & Humans at Rabbit Run Farm

“I’m so glad to see that you are helping vet students learn. I really enjoyed having you care for my horses while we were in VA. Sounds like things are going well for you :)”     ~ Cate

“They are welcome anytime here at Dundee Miniatures!”  ~ L.K.

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